Imagine if your company culture could be rooted in a trifecta of happiness that elicits more bonding among colleagues, collaboration, creativity, support, trust and transparency? Not to mention higher levels of individual joy, fulfillment and a willingness to take more risks and ultimately reach more goals. While it may sound like a unicorn working environment, it is actually possible, is backed by science, and it is exactly what Transformative Culture Change Expert James Beck is helping organizations do through his Unite Your People keynote and relationship-building program. 

James’ X-Factor has always been his deep knowledge of, and fascination with, neuroscience, but when he decided to personally test the effects of selfless acts of kindness by giving up all of his possessions and traveling the 50 States to serve others, that is when he knew there was more to giving than feeling good. 

He started to think about the opportunity that organizations have to transform by creating more meaningful working environments centered around deeper relationships. Most companies have programs where employees can provide service outside of the organization, but what about inside? How are companies fostering deeper bonding and giving within and between their people? 

James shares the strategies, science and inspiration to create this change. He reveals the neuroscience behind stimulating mental transformation and shows how acts of kindness and service toward one another creates a ripple effect of exponential growth for the individual, within teams and ultimately your entire organization.

Inspired by his own need to remove the remaining PTSD and anxiety that lingered from an abusive childhood, James developed a way to use service as a means to create neural pathways adjusting perspective and behavior. In a nationwide, year-long social experiment, James gave away his worldly possessions and served one person or family in each of the 50 states for three days at no charge, instead only asking that they Pay-It-Forward. By embracing the concept of giving so that others may give more — James went from being riddled with anxiety to becoming deeply fulfilled and empowered with new skills to be happier and a higher performer.

Today, James has gone full circle and uses his transformative experience to help others in a variety of ways. In addition to being a unique keynote speaker, he is also a Structural Integration Therapist, creator of Beck Balance Wellness Workshops, speaker, author, and founder of Give Beck, teaching people how to transform relationships through kindness and service to others.

James now inspires crowds of all ages and professions, customizing the message to the needs of your audience. In addition to his TEDx Talk, he has worked with companies, schools and universities, military groups, and charity groups. His project was featured on CBS, Fox News, and National Fox & Friends.

James Beck’s journey and vision of serving one another in our dizzying, fast-paced corporate culture is transforming lives and organizations. 

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James was fantastic. He connected well with the teachers, parents, and students. Kids were super engaged and excited to give the guy who traveled all over the Unites States serving others a high five. James is the feel good guy and he will leave you inspired.
– Tamara Rosem Springs Charter Schools, Director of Professional Growth and Development
At TEDx Riverside, James was inspiring, insightful, and engaging. He was definitely a high point of the program.
– Peter Hayashida, Vice Chancellor UC Riverside
James Beck will inspire you and leave you feeling good about the entire experience.
– Jerry Touslee
At TEDx Riverside, James was inspiring, insightful, and engaging. He was definitely a high point of the program.
– Peter Hayashida
James gave my soldiers simple tools to improve their relationships with their families. It was the best Wingman Day we’ve had in over thirty years!
– Colonel Douglas "Spike" Weskamp

Booksby James Beck

Hey Dad, Remember Me?

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