Peggy Sullivan, a renowned author, keynote speaker, and corporate performance expert, is dedicated to eradicating the popular idea that “busy is better.” Her research, as presented in her proprietary 2023 Busy Report, reveals that 78% of the popular don’t have time for what’s important and that over-packed schedules lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and unhappiness.

 As a busyness addict in recovery, Peggy has found that there is a huge price tag that comes with busyness. Her book, Beyond Busyness: How to Achieve More by Doing Less, provides actionable strategies and introduces her 3-Step Busy-Busting Method. This process helps people achieve peak performance, self-care, and happiness without compromising one for the other.

Recognized by Forbes, FOX, CBS, and NBC, Peggy‘s data-driven strategies have helped individuals from global organizations like Bank of America, Google, Merrill Lynch, and BlueCross BlueShield break the cycle of busyness.

 Peggy, also the founder of the nonprofit organization “SheCAN!“, delivers her powerful message through speaking engagements and corporate consultations. She covers various topics, from breaking through the busyness trap to personal happiness as your superpower. Her mission is to help you take back control of your life and find the sweet spot between productivity and happiness.

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Peggy is an unforgettable speaker. Her unique ability to engage with storytelling, use data to support her messages and bring high energy to her audience is truly remarkable.
– German Santana, Head of Revenue at Google
Peggy was outstanding. I would actively seek out more of her conferences and talks to attend. Her closing speech touched my heart, and I got all glossy-eyed! Whoever thought of getting this lady involved needs a big pat on the back!"
– Lynne Thorton, Executive Director at Ingram Micro
Peggy is a WEATLH of information, skill, and infectious energy. She is positively focused on supporting the growth and development of people who are determined and driven. Get yourself into a room with Peggy and get INSPIRED!
– David Meerman Scott, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, & Speaker
Brilliant. Her storytelling is memorable and the data in her messages is convincing. Her messages are extremely helpful for companies and individuals to navigate what they value.
– Michael Ashford, Podcaster, Ted x. Sr Director at the Receptionist
A bundle of high-energy, actionable advice and topics we can all relate to. Beyond valuable.
– Lauren Simonetti, Fox New Correspondent & Podcast host
Engaging, inspiring, educational, and actionable.
– Carolyn Gitlin, Jewish Federation of North America
Peggy has spoken for our Independent Health Employees on multiple occasions. She is one of the most engaging speakers I have come across. Normally we don’t get great participation but when Peggy speaks, they come in droves.
– Kim Marino, HR Director at Independent Health
I was instantly interested, entertained, and learned something new, useful, and inspiring from you. You are talented, funny, and insightful. I will use your system and teachings not only professionally but also personally.
– JoAnne Alaimo, Senior VP at Merrill Lynch

Booksby Peggy Sullivan

Beyond Busyness: How to Achieve More by Doing Less

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