Eliz Greene is ridiculously excited about stress. She finds the chemical reaction in the body caused by stress fascinating, and stress is also her favorite topic to speak about, write about, or discuss in line at the grocery store.

With a surgically repaired heart, Eliz also knows stress management isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’ but rather an essential survival skill. Surviving a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins propelled Eliz on a mission to share her story to inspire other busy people to pay attention to their health. Just days after her heart stopped and she endured open heart surgery and a cesarean section delivery, Eliz held both her daughters together for the first time.

Amazingly, despite the pain and uncertainty, what she felt most strongly was contentment. Her priorities were crystal clear. She knew she’d been given a second chance at life and a unique perspective for a reason. Eliz firmly believes she is responsible for showing others how to manage stress and find contentment, and she is dedicated to leading others on a path to low stress and great success.

She has traveled the country for nearly two decades, sharing her story and down-to-earth, well-researched methods to improve heart health. She honed practical and implementable strategies to manage stress for herself and the thousands of audience members and readers she reaches each year.

Her research uncovered the secrets of how purpose-driven organizations create corporate cultures immune to overwhelm and uncertainty.

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Just what the doctor ordered for our group of high level decision makers in Retail & Hospitality.
– Scott Stolz, Vice President, TTI Logistics
Our attendees found Eliz to be insightful, to the point, and “real” with her stories, experiences, and recommended actions.
– Steve Turner, National Leader, GDP Group
Eliz is a delightful individual with a compelling story to share. She is very easy to work with and did an outstanding job with the diverse audience at both events. All of the participants gave great feedback on the presentation Eliz gave at both events.
– Alison Martin, Executive Director, American Heart Association
The best presentation on stress management I have ever heard. Very engaging and applicable!
– Call Center Manager from 1 Call Seminar via Talk-a-Dot
I was skeptical, but these tools work in a bizarre range of work place and life stressors.
– High Tech Engineer
This is stress management for people who don't like WOO WOO.
– IT Professional
I didn't know what I was feeling was stress, I thought I was just bad at handling things. I needed the data and science to really understand the danger I've been ignoring.
– Logistics Engineer
Your presentation was the most impactful of any that I have ever had an opportunity to be a part of. Everything you shared was so relatable and I can honestly say that I think your stories and having the opportunity to read your book will change my life. I have a one-year-old daughter and I am pregnant with my second (we just found out), and I am someone who tends to get very stressed out - very easily.
– Cameron Sanderson, Healthcare Relocation Professional
Thanks for being our speaker at our meeting in Winthrop Harbor yesterday. When you hear from a speaker that makes you reflect and think, you know that you have heard something worthwhile. And it was. Thanks again!
– Perry Johnson, Director of Corporate Business Development, Federal Allied Van Lines
It’s been months and our team is still talking about Eliz’s program on stress!
– Gary Rifkin, Chief Learning Officer, CoreClarity, Inc.
Eliz is better than caffeine – we used her tips to stay engaged all day.
– Jennifer Dickie, CMP
People stayed just to hear the closing.
– Zina Haworth, President, Women in Higher Education Leadership
People will stick around for Eliz’s fun, insightful, and purposeful keynote.
– Shawna Suckow, CMP, Founder of the Senior Planners Industry Network

Booksby Eliz Greene

Stress-Proof Your Life

Stress-Proof Your Heart

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