As a futurist, keynote speaker and trendwatcher, Richard van Hooijdonk is an authority on new technology. He has several Chip-implants, because he wants to physically experience the future. His inspirational sessions have been attended by over 550,000 people. Richard is a regular guest on radio and television programs.

With his international team, he researches many trends in robotics, drones, self-driving systems, 3D and 4D printing, sensors, blockchain, quantum computing, neurotech, biotech, platforms, and augmented and virtual reality. Combined with artificial intelligence, these technologies offer groundbreaking opportunities but also lead to challenges and threats for people, organizations, and governments.

Public Speaker

Since 2014, Richard has been a speaker at many prestigious institutions and organizations, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Gartner, Interpol, the European Commission, PWC, Deloitte,, Heineken, Unilever, Huawei, NIKE, and many more.

Furthermore, he is the CEO of future-focused intelligence agency, which introduced its COVID-19 ‘Road to Recovery’ program.


He is driven by a desire to inject innovation and imagination into the mindsets of the people and organizations who are going to shape the world of tomorrow. With the right forward-looking mindset, he believes that we can better effect change for the improvement of our health, happiness, and prosperity.


Through his online blog , he shares his findings regarding the trends and developments of our times on a weekly basis. To date, he has published 1,500 articles and 60 whitepapers, books, and e-books. One of these, The World of Tomorrow, became a bestseller.

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The Generative AI Revolution

Get set for the generative AI transformation and discover how ChatGPT and many other gen-AI tools are turning the world
upside down. This technology is already having a major impact on jobs, organizations, and entire sectors. How do we deal with risk and ethical dilemmas and prepare our organizations for a completely different tomorrow?

This inspiring keynote offers many exciting examples, interesting predictions, and valuable tips on how we remain at the helm in a future dominated by generative AI. Are you ready for it?

The Future of Crime and Security

Climate change, socio-demographic factors and technology all have an influence on crime. Technological progress can take
us very far, but the threats that go with it are serious. Who would have thought that drones and 4D printers could be used
for criminal purposes? Could we have guessed that hacking hospitals and medical devices would become a business model
for today’s hackers? Is killing in virtual reality a crime? And what is the likelihood of us being able to print the successor to
the coronavirus? We are far from ready for the future of crime.

The Future of Marketing

Customers want brands to view their experience through their eyes, and make it even more integrated, seamless, and
consistent. There are several ways to do this. For instance, by building personalized and highly immersive customer journeys
across each channel, leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality, predictive
analytics, and image and voice recognition tech. Soon, these channels will include smart fridges, Tesla dashboards and RFID
chip implants.

The Future of Work and HRM

More and more repetitive work and basic tasks are being automated. It’s important that we rethink our roles and learn
new skills. How do we get the employee of the future on board and how do we change people and organizations? What
will our jobs and work in general look like in the future? New working models will emerge, the quantified workplace will
precisely measure our performance, and existing hierarchies will start disappearing. 21st-century skills will be
indispensable in the future, and we’ll increasingly transition from permanent contracts to the gig economy. Thanks to VR and
hologram technology, we will be able to work remotely with people from all over the globe.

The Future of Construction

The future of construction is digital. We want things to happen faster, better, and cheaper. New technology is changing the way we design, build, manage, and maintain buildings and infrastructure. An inspiring future awaits the construction sector. We will use construction robots, virtual reality, blockchain, 4D printers, and digital twins.

The Future of Education

Young generations are going to inherit the most technologically advanced world ever, where everything is increasingly digitalised. It’s important that their schools adequately prepare them for the future. We’re going to radically transform education. In the world of tomorrow, we need new skills. Not just tech-related skills, but soft skills as well.

Digital learning will provide tailor-made education and artificial intelligence will support teachers as well as students. Tomorrow’s school is a laboratory. Offline and online. A combination of learning and experimenting together. Are you already part of this transformation?

The Future of Finance

The future of finance is digital. Algorithms will coordinate banking, insurance and investments. It’s time for new business models. Technology changes banks and insurers. Artificial intelligence pays claims and improves the digital customer experience.

We also use technology to keep hackers at bay. We need new thinkers and doers. Led by visionary leaders, they will form the backbone of the financial organisations of the future. Are you ready?

The Future of Retail

The future of retail is in the hands of ‘extreme digital’. Virtual reality and 3D printers will enable the fusing of perception, personalisation and on-the-spot production. Intelligent systems will take the place of cashiers and more and more smart products will independently find their way to the consumer.

Offline and online shopping will merge into a captivating world of immersive experiences.

The Future of Logistics and Suppply Chain

The transformation of logistics and supply chains has begun. We see new autonomous transport systems and robots and algorithms provide less ‘waste’ and higher yields. Drones deliver products within hours of clicking the order button.

Self-driving trucks take care of the supplies and robots take care of the maintenance in the warehouses. The Uberization of logistics has begun. Are you already part of the future of logistics & supply chain?

The Future of Smart Cities

Smart cities can be compared to human bodies – an intelligent organism, with technology being its nervous system, gathering sensory input and reacting to our needs. The smart city of the future will dynamically adjust its infrastructure and provide exactly what its citizens need. The IoT would be its eyes, ears and nose, with technology representing its nerve fibres.

The nourishment the smart city needs to function consists of real-time data, collected from people and devices and analysed to monitor and manage mobility, water supply networks, power plants, and waste disposal. In the smart city of the future we’ll see sensors everywhere, enabling responsive infrastructure, buildings and traffic systems that can react to changing circumstances in real time.

The Future of Agriculture

Agriculture is on the eve of major technological changes. We are moving towards a more efficient, smarter, and more sustainable digital future. Technology like artificial intelligence, drones, and self-driving harvesting systems will all facilitate better efficiency, greater crop yields, and more sustainable agricultural practices.

Breakthroughs in agriculture will encompass data analytics and predictive tools – technologies that will make decision making more efficient and can help optimise the use of seeds, water, fertiliser, and pesticides.

The Future of Smart Governments

How would governments be able to operate smarter, faster, and more efficiently in a world where digital technology is the basis of decision-making and service provision?

In the future, advanced technology will ensure that governments can communicate more efficiently with their citizens and that their internal systems – tax, licensing, telecommunications, security, transport, social benefits, education, and healthcare – become smarter.


‘Impressive’, ‘The perfect inspiration’, ‘Fantastic lecture’, ‘Very energetic’, ‘A true visionary’, ‘To the point’, ‘Whirling presentation’, ‘Well substantiated’ ,‘Smashing kick-off’, ‘Unusual, dynamic and inspiring’ ‘Flashing journey’, ‘Shaken awake’, ‘Great story’.
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Booksby Richard van Hooijdonk

E-Book: 22 Trends, Technologies and Innovations to Look Out For

E-Book: The Metaverse: Blurring the Lines Between Our Physical and Virtual Worlds

E-Book: Sustainable Blue Economy: Disruptive Innovation That Will Save the World

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