November 30, 2023

🤔 Want to thrive when it counts? Discover the science-backed system that empowers individuals to manage emotions and excel in the crucial “last 8% moments.”

Two decades in the making, backed by science and tested on Olympians, astronauts, and leaders, a cutting-edge learning system is changing how individuals deal with emotions when approaching uncomfortable situations.

The goal? To help individuals recognize and manage emotions more intelligently to thrive under pressure and accomplish goals during that final stretch ¬– that push towards the very end of the finish line when many of us tend to lose momentum and fizzle out.

Why are the “last 8% moments” the most important to understand? Because it’s during these moments that humans tend to avoid the most challenging situations.

Are the “last 8% moments” always a hurdle you’ll never get over? No.

Listen in as Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry –– an expert on emotional intelligence, leadership, performance, and change –– shares his insight about how individuals can take control of their emotions and self-direct how they cross the finish line.

Did you know?

👉 “Last 8% moments” have shown to be the #1 differentiator for top-performing individuals and organizations worldwide.

👉 High performers who tackle that “last 8% moment” experience their most significant learning and transformational moments.

👉 What scares you the most can differentiate and transform you the most.

Have you reached the last 8% with something you set out to accomplish? Watch the video to learn more! ⏬



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