Carolyn Strauss is a sales and persuasion expert who spent 18 years on-camera on the Home Shopping Network, during which time she personally sold over $160 million of her clothing line ‘The Carolyn Strauss Collection’. During that time, she developed her “Dollars Per Minute™” sales and relationship-management strategy to train salespeople and executive teams across all industries.

Through years of continuous practice, study, and learning, Carolyn brings unmatched expertise to serve her clients. Her passion for creating workplaces that support team members, the executive suite, and the business’s goals is evident. She also communicates her hard-earned knowledge to each of her clients with a keen sense of humor and an engaging delivery.

Carolyn has studied and worked with some of the foremost experts in the world on business strategy, gender communication, transacting in the marketplace, and voice dialogue. She has appeared on PBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, Food Network, and Lifetime Television Network and is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild, the author of five books, and believes that a good day includes chocolate.

Through a lifetime of entrepreneurial ventures, a successful modeling career, years of retail experience, and a television career, Carolyn has a varied background that has exposed her to nearly every type of enterprise. This unique set of experiences has honed her ability to work successfully with almost any type of business.

Today, Carolyn works with associations and executive teams across all industries. She trains “Wicked Smart People” how to communicate effectively and present powerfully. She is a certified Working Genius™ facilitator and a certified Exactly What to Say™ guide. 

What you may not know about Carolyn:

  • Carolyn is the host of the successful podcast, “Another Day Above Ground”. Listen at
  • She co-created THE program to run successful blended meetings. Go to
  • Graduated, B.F.A. from Emerson College in Boston (with a short stint at the University of Madrid!)
  • Is a member of SAG/AFTRA.
  • Enjoyed a highly successful 20-year career as a top plus-size fashion model with the Ford Modeling Agency, while living in NYC.
  • Became the most requested Women’s Fashion Show Commentator in the US, working with every major department store for 20 years.
  • In 1997 Carolyn launched The Carolyn Strauss Collection, a multi-million dollar apparel company that sold over $160 Million over an 18 year period, exclusively available on the Home Shopping Network.
  • Carolyn is a top rated Vistage speaker.
  • Carolyn was a judge for the Miss America pageant.
  • Carolyn is the author of 5 books.
  • Carolyn grew up in Marblehead, MA
  • Carolyn has spent time in all 50 states in the U.S.
  • Carolyn loves hot yoga.
  • Carolyn believes that a good day contains chocolate.
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Effective Execution: Get Work Done Without Killing Your People

As a leader or manager, you request projects and outcomes; but what comes back is surprisingly not what you intended. Your team is clear as to who is responsible for what but they feel an unbalanced workload. Your people use lists to get tasks done but the distinction between a project list and a task list has people wasting time. And imagine another year goes by with things moving as they are, is that good enough?

Execution is not what you think. The key to effective execution lies in the preparation. The more energy and focus you put into the intended outcomes, allocation of resources and gaining of commitment, the faster and successfully any project will come to fruition. This keynote is strategically designed to anchor the 8 simple, clear and implementable steps that take the uncertainty out of getting projects done, keeping everyone engaged and energized, and moving companies agendas forward.

• Attendees will get the “EX tool” that will insure everyone knows the when, where, why and who is responsible for any part of
any project.
• Through this powerful decision-making tool, audience members will leave knowing which projects are important for moving the business forward profitably and productively, and which are just busy-work.
• Learn how effectively completing one project before beginning another can help retain and keep the best employees.
• Carolyn is a certified WORKING GENIUS facilitator, and she can bring this powerful productivity assessment tool to this program.

Managing People, Power, and Priorities in a Changed Business Environment

Most leaders and managers spend their hours at work reacting to demands and requests on their time and attention. Yet there are
projects and deadlines that require them to be pro-active. How do you structure your time and priorities to effectively manage your responsibilities? This entertaining and informative session addresses breakdowns around interruptions, communication failures and boundaries, and creates opportunities to optimize time and relationships. After 15 years of delivering this program, all of the content in this program is applicable and practical and will be tailored specifically to the needs of the organization.

• Attendees will get a visual representation of exactly where they are spending their time
• Attendees will determine where they are getting ROI and where they are getting depleted
• Learn a tool that increases productivity and leads to higher DPMs (Dollars per Minute)
• Boundaries around time and attention will be addressed
• Tested methods of responding to requests and demands will be explored

Using Your Image for Persuasion and Influence aka Presenting with Optimal Power*

Human beings instinctively make judgements about others based on how they look. Does the first impression you make match what you want others to see, think or know about you? Incongruence or disconnect because of your appearance are obstacles easily overcome with the right guidance.

• Enter a room “on purpose” in a way that creates confidence, approachability and a positive attitude
• Strategically select wardrobe and use body language to establish a comfortable rapport with anyone
• Project a complete image, thereby creating the desired results in both business and personal situations
• Incorporate touch into your interpersonal interactions in a way that is non-threatening and facilitates relaxed conversation
• Use your image to enhance your ability to earn more DPMs

Communication Skills for Wicked Smart People

Subject matter experts need to present ideas and concepts to persuade, educate and inform both internal and external audiences. This program is designed to help experts, “wicked smart people” to better engage and communicate important information and research to stakeholders and audiences to benefit and move forward the objectives of the company.

• Get a basic overview of why speak
• Learn to alleviate nerves
• Learn how most effectively to communicate ideas to specific audiences
• Create a purpose statement for the presentation
• Decide which visuals are necessary and how to engage with them to have the intended impact
• Virtual presentations/ Phone and Video conferencing. How to make your message land and relevant


For over a dozen years now, Carolyn Strauss is a go-to resource for my work as a Peer Group Facilitator…When we need an outside resource speaker to bring fresh ideas and content, she always delivers…From in person workshops with CEO group members to weekend retreats with members and spouses, Carolyn engages everyone in the room effectively. In 2020 she executed one of the ‘great pivots’ as a speaker and presenter…she immediately ‘buckled down’ and figured out how to be super-effective as a virtual speaker in a variety of environments and for various audiences. She has presented multiple times to our CEO groups, getting rave reviews and requests for more…Looking forward to another session with her in July 2021!
– Ben Griffin, CEO, CEOiQ
Your live performance was outstanding! Everybody should see you on stage. Your knowledge and advice are priceless. Well done.
– Lahat Tzvi, One of the Top #100 World Sales Experts
Carolyn did a fantastic job presenting virtually. Her content was spot on, with very useful exercises and take-away tools. She handled the virtual presentation very well: great studio to present from, good mic, she combined use of screen sharing with gallery view in Zoom instead of only using screen sharing, good exercises and discussion to engage everyone. I highly recommend Carolyn.
– Greg Behm, Chair, Vistage
Carolyn was thoughtful, insightful and her message really resonated amongst our group. If you want to take your organization to the next level, and enhance sales, Carolyn is a fantastic resource and definitely worth engaging!
– Perry Kiefer, Partner, Felesky Flynn LLP
I had the pleasure of hiring Carolyn to present educational breakout sessions at 3 trade shows in 2019. She was a dream to work with – extremely professional, responsive to emails and calls, and an excellent presenter! These comments from 3 of her attendees say it best: ‘She was very engaging and informative, with fantastic ideas mixing logic and creativity.’ ‘We both enjoyed the presenter very much. She was interactive, had a well-organized approach and a passion for her topic.’ ‘Carolyn is wonderful. Engaging and encouraging, and very informative!’
– Kerry Boderman, Education Director, ASI Show
Carolyn was a terrific speaker for our CEO group recently. She was lively, articulate, and most of all informative and interesting. Significantly takeaway value included information on gender relations, how to manage and lead others, as well as idea for better self management. I recommend her as a person of worth, authentic, and interesting!
– Phillip C. Thomas, Chair (Boston, MA), Vistage
Carolyn had a captivated audience from start to finish….even the people who are ‘critics by nature’ were moved by Carolyn’s words and presentation. This is the first business presentation I’ve organized where the attendees did not want to leave – they truly appreciated the insightful information shared by Carolyn, and planned to use this in both their business and personal life. Thank you Carolyn — come back to Canada soon!
– Linda Langelier, CEO, Executive Network (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Your presentation was more than impressive and impactful! Not only did participants benefit from your humorous information they were entertained as well. You are an amazing entertainer and trainer, a beautiful combination indeed. NCCR is looking forward to more collaborations with you in the future.
– Porcia Chen Silverberg, Founder, National Center for Community Relations
Thank you, Carolyn! You got such positive feedback. You are a pleasure to work with – thank you for all you do!
– Katharine Putegnat, Director of Client Services, BX Worldwide
You did a great job imparting your passion to “create an upward spiral” between the sexes in every aspect of society, including the business world. Personally, it was very revealing and so pertinent – and I’ve worked with men every day and have been married to the same man for 35+ years!
– Carmela Wadding, Payroll Manager, Centerpoint Energy

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