David Goldsmith is President and Co-founder of the Goldsmith Organization (New York and Hong Kong), a consulting firm solving big challenges for executive clients worldwide in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education; and Co-founder of Buzd, LLC (San Francisco), a firm in which he is a patent holder for technological applications and products related to artificial intelligence, cell phone applications, battery technologies, and consumer products. He is the Founder of the nonprofit Project Moon Hut Foundation an eight-year effort initiated with NASA (Silicon Valley) to improve life on Earth through the accelerated development of an earth-and-space based ecosystem. In addition to consulting and advising, David presents at events themed for executives on topics ranging from strategy and leadership to innovation, the future (including AI, robotics, machine learning, synthetic engineering, and automation), and space.

David was the Co-founder of ecosystem.AI (San Francisco/Cape Town, SA), a predictive analytics and visualization company finding hidden value in markets and organizational complexity relationships through identified patterns and spatial trends to reveal how business and organizational ecosystems change over time; Co-founder and CEO of TymSync, Inc. (San Diego), a patented-cellphone technology company; Chief Officer of Strategy for N2 (New York), a company specializing in SuperGrid and IoT technology for use in advanced smart city development for the future; and has been an adviser and stakeholder in several innovative startups from around the world; Chief Strategy Officer and Partner in COMO Global SA (Europe) a software company with expertise in managed back end payment solutions for market networks and fully automated invoicing through to reconciliation for large enterprises. 

David is the recipient of the Hollywood Producers’ first Global Visionary Disruptor Award for his work with the Project Moon Hut Foundation. In addition, Hollywood Producers also awarded David and Lorrie Goldsmith for their book, Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future, a work for which David has earned comparisons to Peter Drucker, the father of modern-day management. Considered by some to be the “Thought Leaders’ Thought Leader”, he is known for replacing common leadership thinking with bold, proven, and sometimes counter-intuitive approaches to address challenges and opportunities for leaders in their professional, public, and personal roles.

David has received awards and accolades for his entrepreneurial achievements in a range of different industries. During his 12 years of professoriate at New York University, he received the university’s Excellence in Teaching Award. He was also named by Meetings Magazine as one of its 26 Hottest Speakers for his ability to deliver transformational and engaging “Consulting from the Stage” programs and spoke for the Wharton School of Business an unprecedented five consecutive years. His content is drawn from the depth and diversity of 30 years of business and organizational experience as a practicing businessperson, consultant, and adviser to a global client base. His teachings produce “I’ve-never-thought-of-it-that-way” perspectives from leaders across multiple platforms, industries, and environments.

David’s clients include the CEOs, presidents, and CXOs of organizations such as Ferrari, Maersk, Dole, Infosys, Wipro, Aetna, Accenture, Lufthansa, Zenga, and more the world over.  He brings to any engagement experience working in and with profit, nonprofit, government, military, and education. His work has spanned diverse industries and fields ranging from but not limited to nanotechnology, aerospace, water and sewage, construction, retail, and logistics. Further, David has worked, not just spoken, in over 50 countries such as Hong Kong, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Colombia, South Africa, Lithuania, Japan and Mexico, for small-, mid-, large- organizations, Fortune 50 companies, and Silicon Valley startups alike.  Having lived in Hong Kong for ten years, Luxembourg and the United States, David brings a global perspective that adds texture, pragmatism, experience, and depth to any engagement.

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WHAT A REMARKABLE MORNING! David is, in my opinion, the most stimulating man I know...he pushes the boundaries of my brain and I am so grateful for it! We started with A and reached Z while flying around with topics, challenges, and solutions: thank you for being the way you are!
– Giovanna Melfi, Director, Metamorphosis Biz
Thank you for sharing, for being so brilliantly flexible with such flair and style. You nailed the timing and were brilliant in delivery. I can now tell everyone about my new knowledge!
– Emma Sherrard Matthew, Quintessentially
You perfectly summarized in your Paid to THINK ET Competitive Intelligence Process a diagram which mirrors very accurately the methodology and process we use for investigations.
– Alastair Campbell, Chairman, Bridger Intelligence
David sees what others don’t see, has the talent to turn situations into opportunities, possesses the skill to offer new methodologies, and shares the insight to bring simplicity and clarity to any situations we’ve addressed. We’re about to sell our business, and our work with David has helped to get us the deal we wanted, while shaping how we move forward.
– Alexei Kudriashov, Founder and CFO, Sperasoft
Many thanks...really appreciated your joining us for FCS. I thought your framing and comments really gave everyone something concrete to think about and take back, and it was a very generous offer to share your book. You challenged everyone but also built up their confidence as well...the gift of a natural teacher/mentor. Thanks again.
– Vincent Ng, Co-Organizer, TEDx WanChai, Future Cities Summit
David could easily be our modern day Leonardo da Vinci.
– Shigeo Katsu, President, Nazarbayev University, Former Vice President for Europe and Central Asia Region, The World Bank
David Goldsmith is amazing, super smart, and a total visionary.
– Todd Shoemack, President, Venture Capital Consulting
You did such an incredible job with moderating the whole event - I am impressed again!
– Katia Gaika, CEO, Fintech on the Block
He was great and engaged the audience well both with the general session as well as a panelist. Not only he is one of the smartest people I know but he also has a unique ability to quickly and succinctly analyze a business situation, put it into the context of market trends and ask thought-provoking questions.
– Elena Frishberg, Director, Chief Strategy Office Cisco Systems, Inc., Strategic Ecosystem Group
This book is unsummarisable. The contents of Paid to Think were forged in the fires of global consulting with top-level companies and tempered by critical research and analysis. The text has the potential to change even a seasoned executive's perspective with each chapter. It is a groundbreaking book that casts a considerable shadow across the landscape of today's thought and practice leadership.
– Andrew B. Clancy, Executive Editor, Soundview/ Executive Book Summaries
[Regarding our strategic planning and global meeting with our CEO, board, and Chief Strategist], this was perfect. Exactly what we wanted to achieve.
– Nandan Nilekani, CEO, Infosys ($13B in revenue)
I pulled two items out of your presentation that we will roll out globally through Johnson and Johnson. You've got me thinking about everything.
– Zack Lemelle, Vice President and CIO, Johnson and Johnson
In two hours I received more education from David Goldsmith on running my business than in 10 years at HDU.
– Ross Vanderberg, General Manager, Mobile Bay Harley-Davidson, Inc.
David Goldsmith is not your typical professional speaker. He'll shock your brain with his nontraditional, outside-inside-all-around-the-box, fruit-basket turnover insight. His perspectives will cause you to stop, think and re-imagine your future. You can't leave his sessions without being provoked to think differently and question the status quo.
– Jeff Hurt, CEO, Meetings Architect and Industry 2.0 Unguru, Promotional Products Association International, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting
You gave an unbelievable presentation. A lot to think about.
– Terry Roberts, President and Chief Executive Officer, China Construction Bank (Asia) Finance
We had learned so much in your research. You spoke the language of insurance, and even more impressive, the language of our company - almost as if you were part of it. During your presentation, people were glued to their chairs listening to your every word; the interaction with the group was great, and note after the note was taken. There are very few in the world that can do what you do. It's been over two months and we're still hearing conversations about your messages. To create this type of impact in such a short period of time is beyond belief.
– Cathy Bradshaw, Director, Human Resources Employee and Leadership Development, Colonial Life
Others in the industry are correct when they say that there are few people in the world who can do what you do. Besides, you're a great presenter. I don't think anyone wanted the program to end.
– Paula Cravens, Director, Education Alliance, Kentucky Bankers Association
In his presentation, David Goldsmith gave us so many practical ideas that he could have charged us A MILLION DOLLARS, and it would have been worth it.
– John Labrie, CEO and President, CWX Con-Way Express
I looked at over 100 speakers in the process of finding a speaker, [seeking] one that could speak to 25 CEOs who are the major players in 25 industries. These are people who already have their own opinions and want someone to show them more. I'd even bet I've spent 100 hours on the project. In the end, you are exactly what I was looking for.
– Nancy Rabenold, CEO, Xcira
I’ve never seen anyone do what you do, the way you do it. You deliver so much value as a strategist. In my opinion, you’re worth several times your fees. Raise them.
– Dan Sunt, Chief Experience Officer, MVP Collaborative
There was no one in the industry we were able to find that customized like David Goldsmith. No one.
– Karen Watson, Director Account Planning, Experient
You were like our very own EF Hutton. When you spoke everyone listened. When you whispered everyone leaned forward to hear every word. When you finished, they wished it lasted longer. Even though it was a three-hour presentation starting at 7 AM! It just goes to show you we made a great choice in presenters and that, as promised, you delivered workable, real, current content that made everyone think.
– Carol Wasieleski, Managing Director, Cleaning Equipment Trade Association

Booksby David Goldsmith

Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future

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