Jen Coken works with women in power positions who don’t feel so powerful anymore. She shatters their self-doubts so they can learn to love themselves, embrace their genius and own their success. Recognized by ABC, MSNBC, and TEDx, Jen is an international executive leadership coach, Fortune 500 speaker, imposter syndrome expert, and a recovering standup comedian. Fortune 500 clients to seven-figure CEOs trust Jen to shake things up with no apologies, no limits, and all the laughs.

Leave it to a comedian to make leadership (or anything that could evoke a snooze fest) entertaining — but Jen does it every time. Her seminars, keynotes, and workshops are designed for leaders and their teams who crave actionable lessons from the heart and the opportunity to laugh at life’s absurdity. Jen’s smooth delivery and soulful wit will leave your group inspired and talking about their experience long after it’s over.

What is the method behind her madness? (And there is a little bit of madness … in all the best ways, of course.) The best speakers are experiential, but most speakers aren’t. Most speakers are on the hero’s journey, using their experience as an additive to what the audience already knows. Not Jen. Jen is having people experience the story, putting them in front and center. Using her training in the ontological, Jen helps people be in the story. When they find themselves in the story, that’s when the shift and transformation happens.

How does she get them into the story? (Apart from being a damn good storyteller and seriously relatable as a human? Jen uses comedy.) She takes people to the brink, right to the point where the brain can’t take any more information, and then she uses humor to diffuse the room and the brain opens back up for business. Most of the time our brains need to hear something 12 times before we retain it. With comedy, it only takes four. Jen packs all her comedic tricks and uses them cleverly with her audiences to get them to open up, chill out, and really hear what she’s saying.

When there’s laughter there is listening, and when there’s listening there’s learning. It’s no accident that Jen transforms whole rooms.

Jen Coken is the superstar keynote speaker, full stop. Her combination of insight, vulnerability and insane wit totally suck you in from the moment she steps on stage. Every member of our audience walked away feeling like they'd been gifted a mentor, friend, and advocate for living a courageous and full life. Out of five stars, this woman is a solar system.
– Whitney Williams McDuff, Founder and CEO, Proteus Consulting
Jen is a speaker worth hearing. I've attended dozens of conferences, coached hundreds of TEDx speakers, and heard thousands of speakers. Jen sleuthed a silent truth about showing up authentically in telling a tale, delivering an idea, and showing the process underneath the progress. Her talk scores on so many high performing levels.
– Kat Haber, TEDxVail Organizer
Jen is high-energy and funny. She helps people identify the barriers that are holding them back, overcome them in a few minutes, and then she puts them to work. If you're looking for somebody to create transformations for your audience, I highly recommend Jen Coken.
– Steve Harrison, CEO, Quantum Leap Publicity and Marketing
She’ll get you to a level of power that you couldn’t conceive of personally.
– Meghann Conter, The Dames
I plucked her out of the blue to me and then do some work with some women CEOs I have because who doesn’t want to work with somebody who has a title of a book called, When I Die, Take My Panties. That was a cold call. I’ve been a member of the Jen Fan Club ever since.
– Shirley Bloomfield, CEO, National Telecommunications Cooperative Association
Working with Jen was totally eye-opening for myself and other members of our team! I felt empowered through the process of working with Jen. As a team, we can work together much more efficiently when we know one another's assets.
– Melodee Rivera, CEO, The Rivera Team, Keller Williams Realty Urban Elite
Jen is one of the best coaches and mentors that I’ve ever worked with over my 25 plus career.
– Vicki Loner, CEO, OneCare Vermont
My work with Jen was remarkable. I discovered who I am at the core while overcoming my hidden limiting beliefs.
– Monica Edwards, CEO, Monica K Coaching
Jen Coken is one of our all time favorite regular guests! Each interview with Jen touches our listeners’ hearts with her compelling life story and insights. She brings smiles and hope to our audience, by showing us that we can conquer life’s challenges with wisdom and humanity wrapped in an awesome humor.
– Ed Tyll

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