Sandro Forte (GSF, FPSA, CSP) isn’t just a highly sought-after speaker. He’s a successful entrepreneur who shares relevant, current, and practical ideas with his audiences.

Sandro is a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association, a Global Speaking Fellow, and a Certified Speaking Professional™ who has entertained, motivated and helped over 1m people from every corner of the globe. 

His presentations – anything from a specifically tailored keynote to a three-day ‘Success Masterclass’ interactive workshop – are as popular as they are valuable. He has been voted top conference speaker in every continent and is described by many as ‘warm,’ ‘engaging,’ ‘dynamic,’ ‘funny,’ ‘captivating,’ ‘very motivational’, and a ‘brilliant communicator.’

His success strategies have made him one of the most sought-after speakers in the world today. His keynote presentations captivate audiences and transform businesses; his clients include Virgin Atlantic, HSBC, BBC, Apple, BMW, Yahoo, Prudential, Mercedes, AIA, MetLife, AXA, Hilton Hotels, Microsoft, Security Benefit, Advisors Group and LPL.

His Success Masterclass programs have often been described as the ‘best ever sales and marketing workshops’ in over 20 countries, with a guarantee to improve personal performance by a minimum of 30% in just 90 days. 

Sandro is an immensely popular speaker whose enthusiasm, commitment, and energy would bring considerable value to any meeting, workshop, or conference. 

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Sandro presented himself to be very professional, sincere, prepared, and extremely polished without coming across as arrogant or self-serving. He presented a model for building a great business that should be easy to implement, although it isn’t by fluke as each detail appears to be broken down to the smallest detail for success. Doing the same may take some time, but I believe anyone can do it if they put in the effort. Thanks for sharing Sandro.
– Duane Gee
The session was of exceptional value regardless of what stage of business you are in. Sandro is inspirational and practical, and I have already seen my practice strengthen. I had my whole team participate, and we all felt it was a great use of our time and would help continuously improve and elevate our game.
– Barbara Wherry
You know I always think there’s room for improvement. I’ve been around this company for a long time, I’ve been an adviser for a long time but I truly believe in continuous learning and so I was anxious to have the opportunity to learn from someone like Sandro.
– Treena Nault
What really attracted me to the program is he has a track record of being the top adviser in his region, so obviously, he’s doing something right.
– Kreesan Naidoo
The gentleman had mastered proper service techniques, proper dialogue and to be able to deal and work in that high net worth market and his attention to detail and scripting was incredible.
– Brian Wanner
The message that he came across with resonated with me so when it was announced there would be a Masterclass I was really interested and I wanted to get on there to see if it was actually as good as I thought it would be and it was just amazing and that’s why I took the Masterclass.
– Sergiu Hirtescu
We welcomed the great Sandro Forte as the keynote speaker and, without a doubt, the biggest star of the day. Why Sandro? Because we wanted the best for our colleagues. Sandro is a top performer. He knows exactly what our colleagues need to hear and what to focus their attention on. His subject matter was amazingly practical but also highly inspirational.
– Jan Lener
You can always learn something. You can always get better at what you’re doing. We’re never the experts at everything so that was my takeaway – why not see what he had to say and he was excellent.
– Kate Flanagan
I decided this is going to work for me so I did Success Masterclass 2 and it reminded me so much of the stuff I learned in the early days – basics I’d forgotten that are helpful for me to get back to. In reviewing all of that it’s reinforcing for me the things that were important to me in initially building my success so that I can go back to that with even greater confidence to repeat that same level of success that I’d known before.
– Kevin Sampson

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