With contagious energy that radiates throughout every room she steps into, Cassandra Worthy is the world’s truly DISRUPTIVE thought-leader on CHANGE that companies need to build organizational resilience and adaptability. During times of major shift such as merger, acquisition, organizational restructure, new systems integration, and market disruption RARELY do businesses ever face the tumultuous emotional landscape of the organization head-on. Only 10% of successful change adoption is about know-how… the other 90% is squarely centered on an organization’s motivation and willingness to embrace the change. Without addressing the emotions standing in the way of motivation, any transformation journey is stopped in its tracks. This is where Cassandra steps in. She has created and cultivated the unique strategy of Change Enthusiasm® which is arming individuals around the world with the means to harness the power of emotion, a resource in infinite supply, to embrace and accelerate change and transformation journeys. Cassandra’s message nurtures highly resilient and adaptable organizations beginning at the heart of the individual.

Cassandra’s client base spans the Fortune 500 and larger all over the world including Procter & Gamble, Allstate, Jones Lang LaSalle, Centene Corporation, ConferenceDirect, and WeWork. Cassandra invigorates and inspires organizations, C-suite executives, and business associations alike going through significant change, disruption, and transformation. Cassandra’s customized keynote and workshop programs motivate the workforce to embrace Change Enthusiasm® and subsequently become self-actualized in working towards a change vision. In her leadership-centric presentations, she is not only sharing this unique strategy of Change Enthusiasm® but also 10+ years of M&A experience distilled down into the critical leadership traits required to lead with exception during high-stress times of change and transformation.

Cassandra’s message really hit home hearing her name those change emotions, and give us the choice to actively work towards using those emotions as fuel. I just started my job last Monday, so I've been feeling all the feels! Excited to take action to turn my anxiety into anticipation, anger into gratitude, and choose to be better rather than bitter. I am so appreciative to have experienced her energy and honesty at our Annual Kick-off Event.
– Rachel Zook Brimer, Associate Customer Care Representative, Appfolio
Having been in change management for a while, this was one of the most engaging and thought-provoking sessions that I've been audience to for a long time.
– Brian Davis, Regional Manager, Change Management, J&J
It was so good how Cassandra connected the dots between the chemical elements and her key messages on change leadership. There were so many layers to her presentation yet the casual observer would have seen it as fun and engaging while walking away with the nuggets to be a more impactful change leader...without having to work hard to get there. Checked all the boxes of a great presentation!
– Michelle Turner, Chief Finance Officer and Vice President, Enterprise Supply Chain, Enterprise Supply Chain, J&J
If you are going through a merger, acquisition, or any significant change, you’ll find no better success enabler than Cassandra Worthy. Her message was exactly what we needed to move forward more engaged and prepared to champion our growth success metrics.
– Andrew S. Mitchell, President, Hayden Beverage
During my company’s Be Bold hybrid event, I was one of the online participants that watched Cassandra as the Keynote Speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed her message and the presentation, so much so that I wish it had been longer! Her delivery was so inspirational, motivating and captivating, but all the while maintaining the ability to be relatable to everyone at all levels. I am definitely looking forward to reading her book!
– Sherri King, Manager of Administration, TransForce Global
Cassandra kicked off our annual Industrial Intelligence Conference with a ton of energy. Her unique background in business, leadership, and science really clicked with our attendees.
– Jeremy Boren, Brand Manager, Gray Matter
She is engaging, professional, and has a wonderful energy level. Her messaging around the emotional part of change and how to drive the positive outcomes is spot on.
– Morgan Junia, Director, Supply Chain Management & Procurement, JLL

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